BG Construction forms part of three business segments which have been aligned with one another. This alignment forms part of a strategic business value-chain that allows us to offer a few professional services in-house for clients with specific reference to turnkey projects. In short, the business-value chain allows BG Construction to sub-contract in-house in various fields. Through this strategy, BG Construction can provide market related quality services for any project for much less than what competitors would normally would have asked.

We strongly recommend that potential clients consider and make use of our unique business-value chain approach in order to receive the maximum benefit of our expertise. However, we also offer our service separately in cases where the client requests us to either design, build, or to manage their entire project on their behalf. Each project can be tailor-made to suite the client's needs.

BG Construction started out small; therefore we do not forget our smaller works clients. As such, we offer our service at competitive prices to all our clients, from new first-time homeowners to our existing long-standing clients.

So whether you have already appointed your architect and/or builder/contractor, or are looking for one company able to assist you with other resources e.g. building plans or the constructing of the project - at a very competitive price while safe-guarding your interests - we can assist to suit your every need.

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